Young's Building Contractors is a relatively small company that has built some rather sizable buildings. Our most recent projects have consisted of a high end hotel, spa and pool house, a hardware store, restaurants and a multi million dollar ocean front home. Currently we are building a large post and beam house and renovating a coast
guard housing project.

We take pride in our ability to design and build most anything that you can imagine. If you are looking for the cheapest carpenters who will put your building up the fastest, we are not for you. We build everything with pride
and use quality products that will give you the best finished product to enjoy for years to come.

I began my career in the trades in the winter of 1984 working for an electrician on a large summer residence as a sophomore in high school. I persued that trade until 1991 when I started a construction business with a partner.
We went our separate ways in 1996. This spawned the beginning of Young's Building Contractors and we have enjoyed great success and a solid reputation since.

Building a house is much more than cutting wood and driving nails. It takes vision to see the end result and
then to make the right decisions along the way to create the best product. I have worked with some of the finest craftsmen in the area and every one of them have their strengths and weaknesses but i've never found any one person who could do it all perfectly. This is why we work with a talented team of sub-contractors who are experts in each field. As a General Contractor, I am dedicated to organizing the timing of construction to maximize every dollar and hour of your investment.

Young's Building Contractors, Inc. has worked with a great team of sub contractors for many years and are
committed to taking your project from a vision to a reality.